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Why We Select Natural Wines

Updated: Aug 9

Words by Hannah Wagonhurst

Like organically grown food, natural wine has nothing to hide. We have been integrating a more natural wine list since our opening and we take great pride in our offerings. Natural and Low-Intervention wine are made from grapes that are organically farmed, harvested with great care, fermented, aged, and bottled without the use of additives, with the exception of small amounts of sulphites to stabilize the wine. There are over 300 EPA regulated additives that can be hiding in your glass of wine, most of which are not great for you. Just like the care that goes in organic farming, we look for the same care to go into the wine we serve. While we do have one or two conventional wines left on our wine list, we hope to be able to convert everyone who visits The Barn into natural wine lovers, just like us. Take a look at our wine list here.

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