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Custom hand crafted stained glass art by Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood

Our vision raise money and awareness to support ART in many forms: culinary arts, visual arts, musical arts, structural arts, even our landscaping, botanical flow and flowers have an artful thought process that connect us all together.


Our mission is to commission and compensate artists with work for hire, along with a place to display and sell their work. Through our Barn Art project, we hope to continue growing, empowering and strengthening opportunities for artists to live their passion and share it with the world. Realizing 'success' in whatever that individual meaning is to them.


Amelia Morton - Currently on Display

Amelia and Space In Common: 351 W Hood Ave, Sisters, Oregon 97759: Follow on Instagram @spaceincommon

We recently visited Space In Common, the gallery and shop created by Amelia right here in Sisters, Oregon.  Amelia showcases her own work as well as many other hand crafted finds from a thoughtful community of artists.  You can also sign up for workshops and learn techniques to build on your own creativity.  This is the go to hub for our artful friends and families.


Amelia grew up surrounded by art and wilderness in Ashland, Oregon.  She was introduced to watercolor paints in a Waldorf kindergarten classroom at the age of five.  Since then, painting has remained a steadfast prtal through which she views, digests and celebrates life.  Over the years, other mediums including acrylic paint, ink, fiber arts, ceramics and digital art have been added to her creative experience.

Since moving to Sisters in 2017, Amelia's love of desert landscapes has become a consistent focus in her paintings.

She draws inspiration from expanses that at first seem monotone, but with a deeper look are layered in infinite shades and textures.  Her desire to experience and create beauty carries her into canyons, across expansive plains and to the top of peaks across Oregon and the West.  She is drawn to the freedom of slipping a set of paints into her backpack and heading out with the intention of documenting a small fraction of the beauty that exists all around us.

Visit Amelia's Space In Common in Sisters, Oregon

Art Gallery - Retail Shop - Creative Studio

Sign up for workshops now available!

Around The Barn

Chris Cole Designs

Chris is a kinetic sculptor and abstract painter. His mechanical works and large-scale, vibrant paintings study the intersections and disconnects between the industrial and natural worlds. Heavily influenced by technologies and aesthetics of the industrial revolution, his sculptural works use markedly complex mechanical structures that celebrate organic constructs. Conversely, his paintings expose beautiful machinery beneath organic frameworks.

Having spent most of his life in the small towns of the Northwest, proximity and the abundance of wilderness has heavily influenced his subject matter. Self-taught, he began painting as a teenager. In the mid 90’s, he branched into kinetic sculpture, for which he is now most recognized.

Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood

Elizabeth is a multi-medium artist working in illustration, graphic design, metal, ceramic and glass. A devout lover of wilderness and gardens, she draws inspiration from the interplay of cultivated and wild space. She makes art and tends gardens in the hills of the Umpqua mountains on her 80 acre ranch, with her husband and kids.

Raina Verhey - Previously On Display

Raina was born and raised in Georgia and moved out west as a teenager. She struck out on her own, hopping from place to place before landing in Sisters, Oregon in her early twenties. She has been a painter for four years and a doodler for life. In her words, 'I took to oils as a way to grasp texture in paint and found the medium of my soul. My inspiration is spruce trees over a rocky creek bed, textiles, wood grain, leaves moving in the wind, wild flowers that grow in the backyard amongst unkempt grass blades, Japanese cultural ritual and artistic expression, the journey of the soul.'

Follow Art by Raina