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The Big Fish

Updated: Jan 18

bend oregon artists chris cole has a few sculptures, with moving parts, visual art is here at The Barn in Sisters

Over the summer we've added a few new art pieces to the property. The most noticeable as you walk onto the property is the new big fish. This is another creation by Chris Cole.

Chris is a kinetic sculptor and abstract painter. His mechanical works and large-scale, vibrant paintings study the intersections and disconnects between the industrial and natural worlds. Heavily influenced by technologies and aesthetics of the industrial revolution, his sculptural works use markedly complex mechanical structures that celebrate organic constructs. Conversely, his paintings expose beautiful machinery beneath organic frameworks.

Having spent most of his life in the small towns of the Northwest, proximity and the abundance of wilderness has heavily influenced his subject matter. Self-taught, he began painting as a teenager. In the mid 90’s, he branched into kinetic sculpture, for which he is now most recognized.

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