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Boone Dog Wood Fired Pizza

Updated: Feb 14

The road to Boone Dog Wood Fired Pizza started in the small town of Prescott, Arizona with Danny. Close to his Alma Mater, he got his introduction to bread and baking working at a health focused cafe. Having recently returned from exploring naturopathic medicine, Danny wanted to explore new avenues of health and community. He immediately took to the art of baking bread, inspired by the simplistic alchemy and its rich heritage. Before too long he began his own baking projects working for Prescott College's Organic Cafe. The focus on local and pesticide free ingredients continue to peak his interest and stoke momentum in his craft.

In 2017 Boone Dog Wood Fired Pizza cart was born, inhabiting farmers markets and catering events in the area. The goal was to provide true, seasonal offerings to the community. Emboldened by his father's entrepreneurial spirit and ready to weather the first years of restaurant ownership, he looked for a more permanent home and parked the cart in Sisters. The first winters certainly had their slow days, but year after year the line grew. The community's support and appetite helped create what became a social and nourishing hub in the area. Through the hard work of Danny, his family and an amazing team, Boone Dog Pizza has grown into a food movement.

Now with The Barn open and thriving - Boone Dog Wood Fired Pizza is the cornerstone, still owned by Danny and family, and continues to reflect the commitment to connecting every customer to organic farmers, artisans, and community. Thanks for being a part of this movement with us.

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