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The Barn - Kitchen

Artisan Bread Culture  +  In House Scratch Kitchen  +  Organic Farm to Table Ingredients

We enjoy everything local has to offer.  Farm to table is a way of life here inside The Barn kitchen and our own Boone Dog Wood Fired Pizza cart.  Organic, quality ingredients go into everything that we create, feeding our quality of life with a people and community first approach.  We always have plenty of fresh veggies around for vegetarian lovers and vegan options on hand too.  Ask questions, enjoy the classics and always try something new.  You'll be surprised what has been harvested right here in the Central Oregon High Desert.

Brioche Buns.jpg

Bread & Pastries

We enjoy creating artisan breads and pastries every chance we get.  Rotating treats from loaves of bread, baked in our wood oven to pastries and cookies, baked in small batches.

Many days we work these treats in On The Fly.

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Burger Nights

Burger Nights are Back!

We were excited to bring a 'Barn' twist to some of our favorite burgers, salads and fresh cooked sides.  More details coming soon in February!

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