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About Us

Learn more about our passions.  First is our love of artisan bread and you will feel everything that we've built around it.  The Boone Dog Pizza cart was our first business to share this experience.  And now we have built The Barn to offer many more experiences.  We want The Barn In Sisters to be a welcoming place for everyone to share stories, meet up with friends and family, fill their souls with great, healthy and mindful foods and ingredients that we are proud of.  We are mindful of all our ingredients.  Our experience is craft / scratch based kithen, including our drink menus.  We would rather roll up our sleeves and create something in house to share than provide something off the shelf, just because it was easier.


Let the fun ride continue - thanks to everyone that has pitched in, said thank you, believed in building community spaces and just stopped in with a smile and belly to fill.  This is just the beginning!  We can't wait to share what we have coming up next.

Keep checking our social feeds and regular updates in the Community Stories page here on the site.

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